Submission guidelines:

  • We feature three types of books: free books, sale books (sale price of less than $3 and at least 50% off full price), and new releases.
  • Preference will be given to books with attractive, genre-appropriate covers, and strong descriptions.
  • At least five reviews, with a high overall average. New releases may be exempt from this requirement, if the author has other works that fit it.
  • Due to limited space, please submit one book at a time. Authors will be limited to one ad per 30 days. Individual books are limited to one ad per 90 days.
  • Short stories are unlikely to be accepted, unless free.
  • If a book has been free in the previous 90 days, that’s the only price we’re willing to feature it at.

How it works:

  1. Fill out the requested information below, completely and accurately.
  2. If you have flexibility in dates (for example, if your sale will be running multiple days) please list them in the comments section to give your ad the best chance of being selected.
  3. If we select your book, it will be featured on your selected day, or when we have room. Thank you!

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